Carolyn Stoloff

About the Author
Carolyn Stoloff is a poet and a painter.


  • “Stoloff is a Romantic and a Surrealist, a pyrotechnician of language and imagery who swings between the intentionally ridiculous and the sublime with dizzying speed.”
  •      — Small Press

  • “Carolyn Stoloff is an original who writes with verve and style. Her painter’s eye is brilliantly alert. This poet travels at top speed, restlessly converting her new sensations of the scene into interior landscapes. She makes us share her delight in the surprises of the mind and the games of language.”
  •      — Stanley Kunitz

  • “Carolyn Stoloff’s poetry is strong, original, and shining…. earthy, together, and whole.
  •      — Carolyn Kizer

  • “Carolyn Stoloff reveals herself as a stoic traveler, spiritually and geographically. There is a modern, emancipated woman’s sensibility throughout her work; loneliness is the unspoken, profound assumption — but never self-pity….”
  •      — Publishers Weekly

  • “All is not lost in the world if there is poetry like this to celebrate the animate flesh and the inanimate landscape with passion and tenderness, and to stamp its feet across page after page to a music we might not have heard if Carolyn Stoloff had not been a poet in our time.”
  •      — Kay Boyle