Greg Boyd

For the past twenty-five years Greg Boyd has been a professional writer, designer, illustrator and exhibiting artist. The author of over a dozen published works of fiction, poetry, multimedia, nonfiction, and translation, including the first English-language translation of Charles Baudelaire’s La Fanfarlo, his books have been reviewed favorably in, among others, The New York Times Book Review, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Times, Publisher’s Weekly, NY Newsday and Library Journal. Over the years he has also taught subjects ranging from Advanced Narrative Writing to Taekwondo.

Some of his writings have been adapted for film, including an original screenplay produced as the feature film Seven Fallen Objects.

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Greg Boyd’s paintings, interactive paintings, relief prints and illustrated, hand-set letterpress books have been exhibited at many galleries and alternative art spaces. His prints and photo-collages have appeared as illustrations in books, and magazines, as well as on fashion apparel and on the covers of books and recordings. For more information, see For a selection of his editions of signed and numbered relief prints see

Praise for the Work of Greg Boyd

“I’ve published Greg Boyd whenever I could, but his own self-published work is his finest hour. This man is a writing magician, he plays the most exciting tricks with your mind. (*****)”

     — Susie Bright, author and editor.: The Best American Erotica and The Sexual State of the Union