Stephen-Paul Martin

About the Author
Stephen-Paul Martin is the author of more than twenty books of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, including The Gothic Twilight, which was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle award for fiction in 1993. Between 1980 and 1996, he edited Central Park magazine in New York City. He now lives in San Diego, California.


  • “Stephen-Paul Martin’s stories reproduce the velocity with which we’ve hurtled through mystified public/private spaces, blindsided by the bizarre surplus of the marketed reality that bombards us; at the same time, the incongruous elements are turned into shock effects (of defamiliarization, grotesque realism, indignant humor) that interfere with the conventionally mediated flow of things, opening the high-speed narrative space to a critical mediation on repressed domains of culture and politics. This work is a stunning invention of a hybrid genre capable of making our postmodern moment available to the senses and the intelligence: an art that combines the pleasures of storytelling and the deconstructive illuminations of discourse theory in a continually surprising virtuoso performance.”
         — Marc Kaminsky, author of The Road from Hiroshima
  • “A headless Shakespeare, Columbus inhabiting a female body-builder and an articulate George Bush are just some of the provocative creations that populate The Gothic Twilight — a fabulous and alluring collection that illustrates the downward spiral of our post-modern world with horror . . . and humor.”
         — Cydney Chadwick