Basso – The Beak Doctor

The Beak Doctor
Short Fiction, 1972–1976 by Eric Basso. Trade paperback.

When Eric Basso's novella, "The Beak Doctor," appeared in the Chicago Review in 1977, less than a year after its completion, it was the longest work of fiction published by that magazine.

For years, Eric Basso's novella, "The Beak Doctor," has sustained a cult reputation among a hard core of avant-garde writers.This collection of short stories begins with a tale of death and hideous resurrection, moves on through a quest for the "great horse" who rules a subterranean polar kingdom, an atmospheric cycle of short prose pieces, a tragicomic roman noir set in exotic Istanbul (in which the "great horse" appears in a new guise), and concludes with the harrowing odyssey of a masked man in a fogbound city turned upside down by a plague of sleeping sickness: "The Beak Doctor."

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