Basso – Revagations

Eric Basso began to record his dreams in 1966, at the age of nineteen. Revagations is the first of three projected volumes. In these pages, we discover an unconscious life laid bare in a myriad of bizarre adventures and intrigues. Whether he's dancing with Ginger Rogers, buying secondhand books from Adolf Hitler or narrating the strange history of the mutant Bazillia, Basso's imagery is always vivid, direct, sometimes poetic, at other times hilariously funny and, more often than not, brazenly politically incorrect. Readers who have admired Eric Basso's fiction, poetry and drama will not be disappointed by this unabashed personal record of the author's "second life." This first volume is preceded by Basso's diverting survey of the r?le played by dreams in art, literature, music and science. All in all, the ideal bedside book.

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