Baudelaire – Echoes of Baudelaire

Echoes of Baudelaire
Upon publication of Les Fleurs du mal in 1857, Charles Baudelaire was tried and convicted of offending public morals and was fined 300 francs. Six poems in the collection were officially censored, cut out with scissors, from the first edition. "The whole volume is an asylum full of the inanities of the human mind, of all the putrescences of the human heart. All this would be permissable if its object were to cure them, but they are incurable," wrote one critic for Le Figaro, in an article that typified the literary establishment's response to the book.

This important bilingual selection of poems by the great French poet Charles Baudelaire is the culmination of nearly a dozen years work by the late translator Kendall Lappin, whose patient craft, exacting knowledge, and unfailing commitment to uncovering the sense of the poems is evident throughout. Lappin's emphasis on faithful rendering of rhythm is a breakthrough in the translation of a difficult and all-too-frequently poorly translated poet. This edition includes an introduction, translator's forward, notes on each of the translations, and indexes to the first lines in both French and English.

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