Peters – Poems: Selected and New

Robert Peters, one of our most important and prolific poets and critics of contemporary American poetry, has published some thirty books of poems, as well as his controversial books of criticism. His poetry covers a wide range of themes and forms, from intensely personal volumes of private celebrations and losses- the death of a son, the break-up of a marriage, and his rural Wisconsin origins-to excursions into the psyches of a vast gallery of historical eccentrics, numbering among them a Bavarian king, a female saint and founder of the Shaker religion, a Cornish vicar, an Arctic explorer, an Hungarian countess and mass murder, and a British romantic painter.

Readers will be struck by the power, emotional depth, and range of this retrospective collection, which should add to Peter's reputation as one of the most seminal American poets of recent decades.

Price: $11.95